Netiziens celebrate woman who teaches dropout kids maths in Igbo, Pidgin

By Chioma Obinagwam

Cynthia Chinule nee Onwuchuruba is a Mathematician who teaches dropout kids Mathematics in Igbo language and Pidgin English.

Confiance News gathered from the official Twitter handle of IGBO History and Facts on Tuesday.

“She makes sure that every kid gets education no matter their background. Cynthia is a first-class mathematics graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UniZik),” it disclosed in a tweet.

Cynthia has been able to achieve all these things through her Productive Education and Effective Leadership (PEEL) Initiative.

Confiance News further learnt that PEEL is a non-profit organisation interested in providing quality education (especially in Maths) and develop leaders.

Edidong Etim of Loretto School of Childhood, Igwuruta, received scholarship funds from PEEL Initiate on January 29, 2017. Photo credit: Cynthia Chinule’s Instagram.

The mathematics guru is based in Port Harcourt.

Sophie Amaka, a tweep said,”This is beautiful to behold! Thank you Cynthia Onwuchuruba for contributing to humanity.”

For Holst Alien, another tweep, his advice is that she should begin a writen project n mathematics.

“Someone who know her should tell to start a project in writing mathematics in Igbo,” he tweeted.

Replying, she said,”Hello sir. Currently working on it. Thank you so much.
According Obinnaaaaaaa, she is a beneficiary of multiple awards.

“She’s a recipient of d Chris oyakhilome foundation FUTURE AFRICAN LEADERS AWARD $5,000. And Rivers state governor’s award and Airtel education prize,” he disclosed.

Lauding her work, popular actor and comedian, Nkem Owoh said:”This is great and unprecedented.”

Reacting to the comments she said,”Da’alu. Chukwu gozie gi.
Thank you for celebrating the work I do. Really appreciate. God bless.”

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