Dbanj in rape allegation mess

Dear Dbanj,

Two years ago, in a party, a lady who has forgotten that Dbanj was many lady’s sex icon and dream lover, walked passed you.

She was a very sexy hotie — kokolet.

But she just didn’t know she was a kokolet. Because two years ago it was all about Davido and Wizkid. And she was of their generation.

Afterall, that year what was reigning and banging on everyone’s ears were Davido’s ‘IF’, Wizkid’s ‘Come Closer’ and my darling Simi’s ‘Joromi’ songs.

So probably this babe was here at the party for the promises in Davido’s ‘IF’.

“If I tell you say I love you o. My body, my money na your own o baby. 30b for your account o…’

That was the promise.

So this lady so hot that the honorable Koko Master forgot his title and started begging for the lady’s attention.

No. That was her answer.

The lady didn’t come here for the Koko.

And we can’t really blame her.

After all, we were never really told what the koko was.

When you were dribbling us. You didn’t know you were doing yourself.

I remember that song. Don Jazzy was begging you, “Dbanj tell them the koko. I say make you yarn them the koko”.

You kept singing, “Make I tell them de koko o ah!
make I tell them de koko
make I tell them de koko o ah!
make I tell them de koko”.

But did you ever tell us? No.

So fast forward 2018, Wizkid was plain with his words, he asked the ladies to come closer. And Davido promised 30b. And those were more profitable than the unknown Koko.

And girls don’t like to find X. That is why they don’t like maths. So rather than make the Koko X. So she can find X. She ran from you.

But you refused. You sent her friend to her. Telling her you will give her N200k.


I imagine her shock.

Finally the maths is solved. We now know the Koko. But the Koko is way below the 30b Davido promised.


She must have been surprised and angry.

So she said a big NO again.

And left your party for Glee Hotels.

In annoyance she booked the most expensive room there. Which is N50k per night.

Now, do the maths, from your promised N200k remove N50k. You see? The Koko is too small (if she does 4days, the money is finished).

But you refused the NO.

You drove some kilometers from Eko Hotel to Glee.

Tipped your way into getting a spare key.

Get into her room. And she said NO — again.

Sticking a finger into her vagina, you told her you must have a piece of her kokolet. And you raped her while she could only cry.


At least that is the epistle according to Benjamin Ese. The self acclaimed friend of the tale’s victim of circumstance.

Benjamin didn’t tell us the victim’s name. They didn’t report to the Police. They didn’t report the hotel or hotel attendant that gave up the spare key.

They also didn’t tell the story this elaborately (I did the extensive comprehensive piecing myself and I added some possible imaginations).

What they did was wait for the day you will use your social media to support any ant-rape campaign.

And luckily.

‘Yanga’ was sleeping, and you went to kiss her tail.

You donated some words and lines to the No Means No campaign on Instagram.



They (they because I saw many handles who practically repeated the Benjamin Ese’s claims) came attacking your comment section with diff versions of their story.

Benjamin was the chief accuser.

We know Benjamin.

We don’t know the victim (Benjamin hasn’t mentioned her name yet as at the time of inking this letter).

Your Koko spotter,

PS: Now in all this Ediale is weary of the Dangers Of A Single Story. It’s their words against that of Dbanj. We may never know for truth and fact who is wrong. And we must also extensively teach what rape victims must do when the evil deed is done. We must be wise with this campaign. It’s more than No Means No. Did Dbanj actually raped the lady? Only the law can determine that. And apparently, the victim and her pals want the law to beg before they take the report to her. So the law is just sitting idle on this one. While social media is busy making a kill as usual. But the victims who haven’t done the bold and right thing wants the people to cruxify doubters of their stories. And the cheap line is “this is why people dont tell their rape stories”. Auntie, no. Somethings must be subjected to evidence, trials and balanced report and investigation. For there are many who have damaged other innocent people’s lives by simply lying.

PS2: We later heard from the victim some hours after the letter. Read the victim’s narration in the comment section. Her name is Seyi.


(Source: InstaLetters)


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