Man devoured by lions in cage causes stir

Nigerians are reacting to the incident where a prophet was devoured by lions after he went into a cage for lions in the zoo to emulate Daniel in the bible.

Confiance News gathered from the official Twitter handle of Nigeria Stories on Saturday.

“In 1991, a Nigerian prophet, Daniel Ebodunrin felt inspired by the story of Daniel in d bible & decided to recreate the story. He went into a cage in a zoo where lions were kept wit the belief dat God would shut their mouth. As he entered, he was completely devoured by the lions,” it tweeted.

A Twitter user known as Niyi Lawal, recounted how he escaped being eaten by the lions at his first attempt and how he was devoured subsequently.

“This happened in University of Ibadan zoo. The tamer said when he came the first time he was just lucky because the Lion was not hungry, he later came back with some people to show off, unfortunately the tamer couldn’t do anything when the hungry Lion began the chase!!

“The lions were not hungry & they never ate him. They only felt threatened & boxed to a corner by his presence and his shouts of “jah jah” so they tore him with their nails. That’s why the lions were not put to sleep,” he disclosed.

Another Twitter user, referred to as Deseun said, “Also a lot of people have died trying to replicate 40days 40nights fasting… Religion will be the doom of many people.

Peace, also a Twitter user, appears to differ from Deseun’s view. She noted that lack of wisdom not religion was the reason behind Ebodunrin’s doom.

“Not religion but IGNORANCE The Bible even says that ‘my people perish because of lack of wisdom,'” she noted.


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