Nigeria at 60: Are we celebrating or mourning?

I woke up today, Thursday, October 1, 2020 and just like most first days of the month, I started by worshiping the Almighty God for the grace to see another month.

Unlike other first days of previous months, which was meant to be followed by messages of goodwill to friends and family members, wishing them “a fruitful new month”, today didn’t follow that pattern for one distinct reason, “it is Nigeria’s Independence Day and Nigeria is 60 years old today.”

In a normal circumstance, it would have been a day filled with joy and exchange of pleasantries but that did not happen. Why? There isn’t much to celebrate or show for a country of that age.

First, the rate of insecurity in the country is so alarming that even during the course of celebration the unexpected could happen. Someone suddenly be abducted.

The spate of kidnap and killings in the southern Kaduna sends shivers down your spines.
The story of Boko Haram and ugly tale of the plight Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at the IDP Camps is almost becoming a culture.

The economy is wobbling. There is the problem of high inflation rate, currently at 13.22 percent ; huge debt profile with its public debt stock at N31.01 trillion; hemorrhaging foreign reserves; alarming unemployment rate; rising food prices; and the poverty situation becoming more unbearable for the ordinary Nigerians, in fact, Nigeria’s situation resembles that of a bereaved.

At 60 years, Nigeria should understand that she has passed her prime.

For instance, a person of that age is approaching retirement and is expected to have been married, with children and investments to cater for his retirement.

The big question remains: Are we actually celebrating or mourning?

Agreed that some projects have been completed,  especially, during this administration (President Muhammadu Buhari) but is it worth celebrating for the age attained- 60 years?

I am sure your guess is as good as mine.



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