Prophet Eniola petitions Sanwo-Olu over property, accuses aide, others of fraud and criminal activities

  •  Lawyer attempts to kill witnesses

Ayodele Eniola, owner of Ayodele Eniola Estate in Gbagada area of Lagos has accused the Director, Transport operations at the Lagos state ministry of transport, Bola Matanmi of taking over a part of his property using Lagos State Government apparatus in connivance with one Kamoru Arisekola and some criminals.

Eniola in a petition dated December 17, 2021, said Arisekola rented one plot of land from him in the year 2000 and he paid annual rent for the same, and later named the place Unity Mechanic Village for mechanical works.

“He defaulted payment for 14 years and when I was Levying Court Judgment on ID\2076\92 against LAWMA, he was affected and ejected with the Form ‘O’- copy herein attached.

“He and his Unity Workshop did not file anything to the court as other interveners did and a re-entry order was issued by the court for those who filed papers. He now re-entered the land with his Mechanics and already he had built 20 rooms shanties and rented them out criminals, failing to pay the accumulated rent as promised.

Eniola stated that he later got to know Arisekola was paying Mr Bola Matanmi on behalf of Lagos State Government on the said property under the illegal lease.

He said they subsequently spread all over one acre of the land at Gate 1, Ayodele Eniola Estate, Gbagada and from then prevented him from entering the property claiming to have been allocated to them by the Ministry of Transport and that they are now paying rent to them.

Kamoru Arisekola

“Bola Matanmi with the help of Kamoru Arisekola has camped some elements of people he called Hausas but they are not Nigerians and suspected to be ‘Boko Haram’ or their agents. He harbors assorted criminals on the property, like cultists who are performing a series of strange rituals on the land.

“Also in April 2016, the Lagos State Task Force raided the camp of criminals hiding in the name of scavengers in my Estate and in the process, officials of the Lagos State Taskforce were seriously wounded, please see attached copy of Guardian Newspaper publication dated 8th of April 2016.

“Kamoru Arisekola harbored those criminals inside my estate at gate 1, Ayodele Eniola Estate Gbagada, Lagos and they are perpetuating various crimes in the place. I have my suspicions that some wanted criminals are hiding there. Many stolen cars are refurbished, repainted, redesigned, altered chassis and engine numbers. They perfected papers with back-door arrangements called “Oluwole”

“The Gate 1, one acre consists of a 3 bedroom flat and a Historical church of Celestial Church of Christ Gbagada 2 parish and I don’t have access to the place having been occupied by elements suspected to be criminals,” he added.

Eniola also alleged that Bola Matanmi and his cohort within the Ministry of Transport had given the said Unity Mechanic instructions to beat and possibly kill him on sight.

“I hereby request an urgent investigation into the matter and ensure that the culprit and his cohorts are brought to book for the use of Government machinery as their personal tools

“I have instructed my lawyers to seek necessary legal actions with due respect Sir. I am in the USA and only petition your able authority to investigate the illegal duties performed and performed by Mr Bola Matanmi and his Cohorts as indicated above.
Since it common knowledge that if any accommodates any criminal on his property the landlord shall held accountable for the deeds perpetrated on his property if the perpetrators evades arrests. Hence my crying out.

“I was also informed that they (Mr Kamoru Arisekola, Mr Bola Matanmi and his cohorts) have perfected plans to sell the parcel of land after illegally obtaining a C of O through the back door with the help of criminal elements at the Ministry of Lands. After which the land would be sold in collaboration with their partners at the Ministry of Lands to give it more credibility.

“I filed a suit against Mr Kamoru Arisekola to recover possession and payment of arrears (photocopy attached). When the case came up for mention on the 9th of November 2021. One lawyer believed to be hired by Mr Bola Matanmi, Barrister Dave Ajetunmobi of 66, Bajulaiye street, Somolu, Lagos, appeared for the interested party in the case claiming that nobody bears the name Kamoru Arisekola in my Estate at Gate 1 where Kamoru mechanic workshop is located along with his members now bearing “Unity Mechanic Village”

“The said lawyer was sent to appear for Lagos State Ministry of Transport and Unity Mechanic Village , operating in my estate..

“Later on the 9th of November 2021, the said Barrister Dave Ajetunmobi had a meeting with the Mechanics briefing them on what he did in court and that all of them should deny knowing Kamoru Arisekola so as to succeed in the case. He called on the Mallam Mohammed Babashe and asked him how he came to the estate and he had indoor meeting with the men on how to kill Mallam Mohammed Babashe and Mr Tajudeen Aleshinloye secretly because they know Kamoru Arisekola with all the history on how he rented the land from me and without which the case will not favor them.

“They have been contributing money to kill these two innocent people all because of my land. I had all the information through “unknown caller” believed to be a part of them but was not interested in their plan. They planned to have a party within the yard as soon as they succeeded in killing them.

“The lawyer who claimed there was/ is no person like Kamoru should be able to identify who provided them with my account details through which the Unity Mechanic Village had been using to pay a part of the rent debt they are owing. Copy of the bank statement indicating their payments are herein attached.

“Furthermore, I sent an old friend, Mr Bashir Balogun, who lives around the area to meet Mr Kamoru Arisekola several times because he was paying in bits and usually using a fetish language asking him to tell me that “ Agbo ti a ba fi fun egun, aman ju okun e sile ni.” Meaning the rope holding a ram that has been given to a masquerade should always be released completely.

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