Rape: Heritage Bank allegedly suspends N45m endorsement deal with Dbanj

Recent reports and words on social media claims D’Banj deal with Heritage bank was suspended until he clears his name in the rape case.

TV host, Vimbai Mutinhiri – Ekpenyong, shared screenshot of a chat revealing the suspension with caption;

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. – Desmond Tutu.

We have to allow the wheels of justice to turn, but until then we have to stand in alliance with the process of justice because we don’t know which one of us may need the credibility of that process to fight for us tomorrow. .

Thank you to this organization for choosing to let things play out.

However,social media users have taken to their pages to react to the news. See some reactions below.

Heritage bank cutting ties with Dbanj should teach you a lesson that some people don’t really care about you, they are just sticking with you cos they benefit from you and once they sense that things are not going well for you, they will jump bus.. #DbanjSuspended – @VieArr

Rape is a sensitive and horrible issue. Nobody wants anything to do with it. He should clear his name and be welcomed back; that’s if he’s innocent. – @MyRoughDiamond

To what end? What if he didn’t rape her? It’s very bad the when people just create a thread out if a selfish interest. Remember Public investigation does not justify claims. At least you have gotten what you wanted now everybody would rest. – @BillonChidera


(Source: Laila News)


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