Reactions as Supreme court bars Lawyers, foreign journalists from election petition proceedings

Nigerians are kicking against the Supreme court’s decision to stop some lawyers and foreign journalists from local and international media houses from entering the court situated in the nation’s capital, Abuja.


Confiance News gathered that Monday is the day fixed for the election petition proceedings of Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar against Nigeria’s current president, Bola Tinubu and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


Reacting to the incident, a netizen on X, Pearls tweeted,”The Supreme Court complex is boarded up with a very heavy security presence this morning both within and without.


There’s also another layer of security check and accreditation within the complex before access


Many have been denied entry including lawyers!”


Reacting to Pearls post, Uche said: “What are they afraid of? They should be bold enough to carry out their mission either way!”


Corroborating, Prince said, “The security agents are there to shield corrupt judges and politicians. Do you guys still believe Tinubu is your major problem? Until you start calling out the right persons, the politicians will continue to have their way.”


Golwin on his part, made a solemn plea,”All our prayer is that, they should give us justice to the case before them.”


Confiance News also learnt that the proceeding is an appeal from the judgement reached at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) held on September 8, 2023, upholding the election of President Bola Tinubu.



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