Why you shouldn’t run your family based on what you see on Instagram

By Chioma Obinagwam

It is wrong to run your home based on what you see on Instagram.

Confiance News gathered from Mrs. Bunmi Odutola, wife of the Provincial Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Solid Rock Parish, Ojodu.

“You don’t run your home the way your father treats your mum. You can’t run the home based on human opinions; what your friends told you. Don’t run your home based on what you see on Instagram.

“We cannot run the family the way our ancestors ran the family. We need to be connected to God,” she advised.

She noted that the family is the foundation to God’s purpose and agenda on earth.

Citing the book of Ephesians 5:23-25, she stated that the word of God is the manual.

Speaking on the theme “family at Jubilee”, she disclosed that Jubilee is a season of restoration and a season of rest from all forms of struggles.

According to her, Jubilee has three characteristics which include restoration, revival and total surrender to God.

Speaking on restoration, she said,”God is still in the business of restoration back what the devil has messed up.”
She said that revival talks about bringing back to life what has died or what is about to die.

Expatiating, she cited the book of Ezekiel. 37:3 (in the Message Translation), where the dry bones were brought back to life.
“The story of the dry bones is a story of revival,” she said.

Total surrender to God that, she noted, implies that we need to rely on God to run the family.
“You need to depend solely on God. Everything outside the prescription of God we are jokers,” she pointed.

Odutola, however, advised that parents should be available to raise their children rather than delegating their duties to nannies.

“You need discipline to raise your children. Enough of nannies. Enough of absentee parents. Enough of leaving our responsibilities to nannies,” she stressed.




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