8 tips that will give you awesome travel experience

By Chioma Obinagwam

Content strategist and tourist, Alma Asinobi, has revealed important travel tips that would better your travel experience.


Confiance News gathered from her official Twitter handle at the weekend.


She said:


1/? If you’re going to be in a hurry when you land and don’t want to wait for 100 years at baggage claim, check in late.

Not last o, late.


2/? Occasionally when you try to buy stuff, they’d ask if they should charge you in USD (the currency your card is in) or the currency of the country you’re in…

Always pay in the currency of the country you’re in.


3/? If you book a bed & breakfast or half-board plan at your hotel, your lunch is not covered.

After breakfast, grab a fruit or 2 on your way out so you can snack on something for lunch.

My go-to is apple and yoghurt.

This works great if you’re a light eater.


4/? When you’re alone and for some reason, you need to ask for directions, ask someone behind a desk or someone working at their duty post.

That way, they can’t follow you.


5/?Put AirTags in (not on, in) your checked luggage, especially when traveling during peak periods so you can track your bags in case they get missing or stolen.


6/? Take snacks or food with you on the plane. It’s easy to forget that you can do this.

After checking in, before boarding, get some snacks or food. Airplane food is always repulsive to me so I typically buy burgers, or chicken to eat on long flights.


7/? Plan in dollars, book in naira when you can.

Take advantage of the bank vs black market rate disparity, especially with big expenses like flight tickets and hotels.


8/? If your connecting flight is less than 4 hours, avoid checking in any luggage.

There’s a pretty high chance it won’t arrive your final destination with you. Imagine how inconvenient that is. Pack light and max out your carry-on allowance.

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