Elon Musk to fund lawsuits of Tweeps victimized for posting, liking contents on Twitter

By Chioma Obinagwam

Elon Musk,  owner and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Twitter has promised to foot the bills of tweeps who were victimized for posting or liking contents on Twitter.


Confiance News gathered from the official Twitter handle of Musk on Sunday.


“If you were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform, we will fund your legal bill,” he tweeted.


Expectedly, tweeps reacted with comments of examples and incidents of victimization.


For Marmot, a tweep, he claims he was doxxed by an organized group for his first tweet and was eventually sacked.


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“I was doxxed a year ago by an organized group as retaliation for the first tweet. Evidence all points to NAFO-connected DoD employees.


“They sent emails to the HR department at the SF tech company I worked at, as well as my ex.


“I was fired, and the official reason given was “violation of drug policy” for the second tweet (a pic of the adderall I’ve been prescribed for 13 years).


“Was told that I “forfeited” $120K of RSUs and cash bonuses I had already earned because my tweets were “gross misconduct.” They offered severance if I signed a nondisparage agreement, but I refused to sign.

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“Happy to discuss more in private. I don’t want anything except to shed light on the way doxxing and firing has been used as a political weapon here,” Marmot narrated.


Human Rights activist and Twitter influencer, Rinu Oduala, simply asked Musk to pay his sacked employees.


“Go and Pay your fired staff in Africa,” she tweeted.


Another tweep, Mike Rein, thinks Musk might be overwhelmed with the lawsuits of the number of victims involved.


He said, “I’m afraid that Elon may have grossly underestimated the number of victims and the cost of this policy.”


Reacting to Rein’s concerns, Michael Patterson said, “All it takes is a settlement from a few cases to build up resources to handle all of them.”


Corroborating, Figgy Biscuits said, “Hopefully he’ll turn around and seek indemnification from the government in a massive groundbreaking lawsuit.”


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Reacting to the comments, Musk who is also the Chairman and CEO of SpaceX, said, “This is what defending freedom of speech looks like.”


Apart from suffering job losses, netizens also face cyber harassments which often infringe on their rights.


Confiance News gathered from a survey by the Pew Research Center (2021), which interviewed 1,502 U.S. adults who use Twitter, 28 percent of them said they have been harassed on the platform, 15 percent said they have received unwanted sexual advances or images, and 9 percent said they have had their account hacked.



Since posting or liking inappropriate or offensive contents on Twitter can have serious repercussions for one’s career, it is, however, advisable to be careful and respectful when using social media platforms, and to avoid sharing anything that could harm one’s reputation or offend others.


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