Three things that must not wait for you in your tomorrow

By Chioma Obinagwam

You can interpret the mood of animals but you cannot interpret men. Men prevail against men.

Confiance News gathered from the Senior Pastor of Joy Cometh Ministries, Olaitan Aromolaran during a sermon at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Solid Rock Parish on Sunday.

Taking his text from Psalm 9:19 in the scriptures, Pastor Aromolaran said that one of the things that must not wait for you in your tomorrow is vengeance.

Expatiating, he said that the voice of vengeance is a silent but powerful voice.

“Whoever is in your tomorrow waiting for you saying, ‘her mother offended me,’ you will not meet them there and they will not meet your children,” he prayed.

He added that another phenomenon that must not enter your tomorrow is “the voice of curse”.

The senior pastor said that people do not need to see a men before they curse. This implies that someone can be cursed in absentia.

“I say you won’t meet the voice of curses in your tomorrow. As I journey in your life, every curse waiting for you in your tomorrow is destroyed today,” he declared.

Furthermore, he stated that jealous and envious people should be avoided so as not to encounter them in your tomorrow.

The clergyman said, “There are people you must avoid for good things not to avoid you. You’re the one calling Laughter, Laughter; you’re the one calling smiling smiling. They know that when they frown you will runaway.

“The people you love are the people that hate you. The people you keep vigil over are the people that hate you.”

Pastor Aromolaran advised christians to prioritize God— make God their number one.

“Anybody raising his shoulder without God, tell him bring it down. How many seconds does it take for money to fly from your hands. Whoever does not prioritize God forget him. This tomorrow we’re talking about is a strange thing,” he buttressed.

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