Tweeps react to dismantling of X logo Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters

By Chioma Obinagwam

The removal of the giant ‘X’ sign that was installed by Elon Musk on the roof of the former Twitter headquarters in San Francisco has caused stir on the microblogging platform, Twitter.


Confiance News gathered from some Twitter handles of users of the social media platform on Friday.


Reacting to the dismantling of the logo, John Malkovich said: “Twitter’s new X logo was dismantled a few days later. The letter X blinked too brightly and often, which disturbed the locals, so it was removed from the headquarters building in San Francisco.”


Corroborating, Xuxxian said: ”

They dismantle the X logo from the headquarters building, and @elonmusk installs it on the moon.”


Matthew Taylor said, “Does Musk ever reflect on what he has done and wonder what the point of it was?


Twitter, which is currently rebranding itself to X, is now removing the giant, garishly lit X logo that was placed on top of its San Francisco headquarters.”


“According to the city’s complaint, Twitter repeatedly denied access to inspectors seeking access to the roof, explaining to them that the X logo was a “temporary lighted sign for an event,” Adam Chandler reacted on Twitter.


The X Corp is a technology company that was established by Elon Musk in 2023 as the successor to Twitter, Inc. It is a subsidiary of X Holdings Corp., which is owned by Musk

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